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Fashy hot water bottles are lovely to snugle up with and if you still need convincing here's why.....

Fashy hot water bottles are:

  • made from thermo-plastic making them suitable for latex allergy sufferers (no rubber content)
  • have been tested & are monitored by the TUV & comply with the British standard (B.S.1970:2012)
  • are resistant to extremes of temperature, can be steam sterilised for clinics & hospitals and are leak proof when used correctly
  • are odourless
  • are seamless with integral moulding
  • have an extra large 29mm fill aperture (even on the smaller sized bottles) to prevent spilling
  • Brilliant fade proof colours
  • manufactured & delivered from Fashy’s European Base
  • Phthalate free (FOR INFO: Phthlate is a plastics additive elasticiser that is banned for children, under 3 years of age, under EC regulations)
  • can be used all year round. Cuddle up with one in the cooler months, or fill one with cold water in the warmer months to help you keep cool
  • are regarded as the safest available
December 20, 2014 — Sarah Wilkinson

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