From start to finish find all you need for your outdoor swimming at Fine Saratoga

Explore our large range of swimming caps ideal for wild, outdoor and open water swimming – including thermal and latex rubber ranges, for both men and women.

We have a gorgeous collection of bright swimming hats in a range of stylish vintage designs, as well as practical and warm thermal swim cap styles.

All the wild swimming gear you need to make your swim a time to focus on you

Check out our specialist open water swimming gear, including tow floats, dry bags , ear putty, nose clips, thermal socks and swim shoes to allow you to make the most of your time in the water.

There is no need for distractions or discomfort – it’s time for you to enjoy the outdoors, get a bit closer to nature and make the most of your wild swimming session.

Keeping you warm after your swim

The moment you step out of the water – feeling refreshed and adrenaline fuelled – don’t forget to make sure you get warm. Our Fashy Hot Water Bottles are a popular choice – ready and waiting shore side to heat you up, along with our easy to throw on dry robes and warm towels, hair turbans and bobble hats, for the ultimate in post-swim comfort…having you back and ready for dry land, as soon as possible!