Hot water bottle warmth for kids and adults

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold! A hot water bottle is comforting and warming - perfect to cuddle up with on a cold day.

We adore our Fashy range of hot water bottles with covers – with bright colours and homely designs. We also have specialist smaller hot water bottles, ideal for children.

Safety first and allergy friendly – Hot water bottles you can trust

Made from thermoplastic, our hot water bottles are odourless, phthalate and rubber free. This makes them the ideal solution for anyone that suffers from a rubber or latex allergy. It also means you avoid that odd ‘rubbery whiff’, many traditional hot water bottles have.

Every bottle we sell conforms to British Standard B.S.1970:2012, making Fashy hot water bottles regarded as the safest available.

Specific safety features include a large aperture for easy and safer filling as well as jointless neck to prevent leakages.

Every hot water bottles come with a 2 year guarantee for your peace of mind, especially when purchasing for children.

At Fine Saratoga, you’ll also find a great range of heat packs – for both comfort and pain relief. They can be safely and easily heated up in the microwave or a conventional oven.

The perfect accompaniment to open water swimming

If you love wild swimming, then there’s nothing better than knowing there’s a cosy hot water bottle waiting for you on the shore.

Make sure you check out our other post-swim accessories too, including towels , hair turbans and bobble hats – keeping you warm and comfortable after every swim.