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A Very Happy New Year To You.

I hope that so far it has been enjoyable & is starting on a more positive note than 2021 

(that is if your start to 2021 was anything like mine – lockdown, Brexit, return to homeschooling…)

January is always a busy month for swim hats here at Fine Saratoga.

After indulging in a bit of festive excess, people are keen to get exercising again. Swimming has always been a popular choice which is available to most and can be enjoyed regardless of fitness ability.

I am frequently asked ‘which is the best swim hat for me?’ so I have put together a guide advising on which would be the best swimming hat for YOU.

Firstly, let’s think about where you enjoy swimming

At The Pool

If you prefer to swim at the indoor pool, then your requirements will probably differ from if you swim outside.

You'll probably want to wear a swim hat to protect your hair from chlorine, keep hair away from your face & for most pools now it is a prerequisite that you wear a swim hat for hygiene reasons (mainly to prevent loose hair from clogging up the pool’s filter..eew….and no one wants the job of cleaning that out!)

Plus, pick the right swimming hat and you might have the added bonus of looking very stylish whilst you take to the water.

Leisure swimmer and do a gentle breaststroke?

Fashy swim turbans are lightweight, elegant & easy to wear. A polyester swim hat with a polythene lining, these are designed to be 'splashproof'

Swim Turban benefits:

  • Light enough and roomy enough to not completely flatten your hair.  

  • A swim hat solution if you have trouble with your wrists or mobility issues, by being relatively easy to put on.

  • Some swim turban styles have a Velcro fastener which is easy to adjust to give you the perfect fit.

  • Ideal for aqua aerobic classes

  • Swim turbans can accommodate very long hair, and add instant glamour.

Look at what Fine Saratoga customers have to say about Fashy swim turbans

Ginal left a lovely 5* Review on –Well fitting. Ideal for aqua class. Without spoiling your hair.”

Dee C was also pleased – “really great for just bobbing about in pool and has waterproof liner”

And maybe if your pursuit is more leisurely like Holly M. here – “Great swim hat. I bought this item to cover my hair whilst in the hot tub. I have long hair and this swim turban has ample room.”


Are you a more 'serious swimmer' and are looking for something a bit more substantial?

A rubber ‘bubble’ swim cap might be a better option.

Bubble Swim Cap Benefits:

  • Made from thicker natural rubber, these swim caps are comfortable to wear and don’t snag the hair or skin. 

  • available with or without a detachable chin strap.

  • The chin strap is a great addition if you want to secure the swim hat in place and it can help to keep earplugs secure.

  • The chin strap also helps to bring the cap down further over the ears offering more ear coverage & protection.

  • Our swimming caps with a chin strap can be found just here

  • Disclaimer: Apologies if they bring back memories of the one that you had to wear for school swimming lessons but these ones really won’t pull your hair nor do you need talcum powder to get them on or off.

They even have 5* reviews! Look what A.H. had to say....

“I swim two or three times a week. I have arthritic fingers so this hat is easier to put on than the tight-fitting ones, and I like the colour. It's slightly too large now that I have shorter hair, but still does the job well.”

And Phillippa H. was happy too “A small but important part of my swimming kit. This hat is perfect for me. It has an internal band around the edge so it helps to keep the chlorinated and sea water away from my hair. It’s also a decent size so you don’t feel like your skull is in a vice. Best swimming cap by far. I would certainly buy another.


David B. also kindly left a 5* Review: Ordered this in black after buying a silicone swimming cap from a sports shop. My wife could not use the silicon cap as she has painful, arthritic hands and could not even fit it on her head, but is so pleased with her 'proper swimming cap' and also for the excellent service from Fine Saratoga Ltd. An excellent comfortable cap and highly recommended.


For something more streamlined & to help you glide through the water like a swan 🦢 (maybe), a smooth silicone cap would be recommended for you.

Silicone Swim Cap Benefits:

  • Made from a thicker silicone,  Fashy silicone swim caps are easy to put on

  • Don’t pull or snag the hair like some other well-known brands.

  • They stay in place once on & I haven’t heard of any incidents of them pinging off one’s head across the pool (yet!!). However, if you have very long hair, they might not be the best option. One of the rubber swim caps mentioned above will accommodate long hair or a silicone bubble hat by Swim Secure

Open Water / Wild Swimming

If you are swimming outdoors then you will most likely be looking for a swim cap to:

 a.) keep you warm 

b.) allow you to be seen whilst swimming outside. The brighter the better!

In some instances, you might want to do both and wear 2 swim caps. A neoprene swim cap underneath a bright coloured swim cap will keep you nice and toasty and visible at the same time.


The bubble swim caps also do a 2-in-1 job here. The bubble design creates air pockets inside the cap which then traps air between the hat and the scalp helping to keep your head nice and warm. They come in nice bright colours to help keep you visible.


Neoprene swim caps are the ultimate in outdoor swimming protection. These are perfect for retaining heat in cooler conditions.

We stock neoprene (wet suit material) swim caps by Fashy. Available in 3 different colours and 2 different lengths. These are in our top 3 best sellers.

Here is a review from happy customer H.J.

 This is my second swimming hat as I was so pleased with the first one purchased. It fits right, nice and tight, and keeps my hair dry while sea swimming. It's for outdoor swimming. I like the product very much.”

Tracy also agreed –“Tried my swimming hat out this morning when l went for a dip in the sea. It was great, fitted perfectly, covered my ears, and kept my head toasty warm. Highly recommend the company - great customer service.”

Find neoprene swim caps just here 

In addition, we have a neoprene swim cap by SOLA with a chin strap for a closer more secure fit and a ‘beanie’ style 2mm neoprene hat. The beanie is also a big hit with surfers, canoeists, and SUP.


Who doesn't love a lido? We are so fortunate to have many lidos in the UK.

My personal favs are Hillsea Lido (my local lido),  Arundel Lido - where you can swim and gaze up at the beautiful vista of Arundel Castle and for a really special swim/eat treat Clifton Lido in Bristol. 

The perfect swimming cap to really lap up that Lido vibe has to be a retro flower swim cap


Swim Cap Expectations

Please have realistic expectations from your swim cap. They will do their very best for you & will probably be how people recognise you when you go for a swim. I believe they can even be great conversation starters between swimmers.

The most frequent question I get asked by customers is

‘Are your swim hats waterproof?’

The honest answer is that no swim hat is guaranteed to be waterproof.

The main purpose of a swim cap is:

  • to keep your hair away from your face,

  • help reduce drag

  • if swimming in a pool, you may be asked to wear one for hygiene purposes.

  • if wearing a swim cap for training/competition purposes, a silicone swim cap can make you more streamlined.

  • when swimming in open water, a swim cap is essential for warmth & visibility.

(Top Tip: Bright pink, orange, green, and yellow swim caps are popular with wild swimmers. The brighter the better!)

Saying that it isn’t to say that swim hats don’t offer any protection. If you do want to try and keep your hair dry, then rubber swim caps will be the best solution. The swim hat needs to be a snug fit but not so tight it gives you a headache.

Also, your swimming style will dictate how much protection your swim hat gives you. If you swim underwater or on your back, be realistic about the fact that water can creep up the hairline or past the ears.

How We Can Help

When purchasing a swim hat from Fine Saratoga, try it for size when it arrives before you go swimming. If you feel the hat is too loose or too tight, get in touch and I can advise you on a more suitable style. You can return/exchange unworn swimming hats – trying on is permissible.

As ever, I’m always happy to help so if you have any specific questions about the products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Swimming!


January 07, 2022 — Sarah Wilkinson

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