Swim Secure - Be Safe, Be Seen

Swim Secure - Be Safe, Be Seen

I have noticed an increasing amount of my customers are taking to the water outside, all around the country and I must say I really do admire your resilience.

I did start sea swimming in 2021, in the Solent. I managed to keep going until November but if I’m really honest it did start to get a bit too cold. (The last time I went I was barely able to get my thermal gloves off) So I have decided to take a break until March.

With the increasing popularity of open water swimming, Fine Saratoga received lots of enquiries about open water swimming products.  Essential kit like tow floats, dry bags, bobble hats

I don't like to let my customers down & now, as a result of this....

Fine Saratoga is a proud Swim Secure stockist.

I would like to introduce you to them


Swim Secure® products are used by competent swimmers to increase visibility in the open water.


They are suitable for use by open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers, families and everyone in between.

The Swim Secure MISSION

“Our mission is simple, we want to equip open water swimmers of all ages and abilities to swim safely in open water. Whether that is someone brand new to open water swimming or a seasoned competitor, we can provide the equipment you need to feel supported in the water and #Be Safer Be Seen.”

Swim Secure products are endorsed by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS). Now that is credible!

When can I use a Swim Secure product?

  • Open water racing & events

  • Safer swimming for families

  • Adventure & exploration

  • Self supported swimming

Here is my guide to the most popular Swim Secure items & more importantly, the essential pieces of kit.

Swim Secure Product Guide


Tow Float

Perfect for increasing visibility in the water, the tow float is pulled behind the swimmer on a short leash.

Swim Secure have a lightweight classic tow float available in high visibility orange or pink.

The Tow Donut is also a lightweight float but has the added advantage of an integrated dry bag pouch. The small dry bag sits in the centre of the donut, out of the water, and is perfect for small items such as car keys and phone.

If you are looking or something a bit larger, then the Swim Secure Tow Float PRO might be more suited to your requirements. Perfect for open water swimming where extra visibility is critical. Larger than the classic tow float swim buoy, the PRO features a perimeter grab rope making this float ideal for pairs or groups. The hydrodynamic shape minimises drag while optimising lateral visibility.


Dry Bag

If you are swimming and are unable to leave your possessions in a safe place, or maybe you’re swimming and want to carry all your kit, then a Swim Secure dry bag would be more suitable for you.

A brightly coloured high visibility inflatable dry bag with leash and waist belt. Ideal for storing kit whilst you swim and for increased visibility in open water.

All Swim Secure inflatable dry bags will easily support an adult's weight if you need to rest. Highly recommended for open water swimmers in all outdoor conditions.

Small (20 litre) /Medium (28 litre) /Large (35 litre) /XL (50 litre) sizes available in orange

28 Litre also available in Pink, Citrus and Phone Window options


Brightly Coloured Swim Cap

 Swim Secure have a great Bubble swim cap. The silicone Bubble Swim hat has been designed with open water swimmers in mind. The bubble design allows an added layer of insulation and the silicone material allows extra stretch for larger heads or lots of hair.

Available in 4 bright colours to keep you visible in water – pink, orange, yellow and green


Waterproof Phone Pouch

Maybe you have all the essentials and are really enjoying your open water swimming. I follow lots of wild swimmers on Instagram and really enjoying seeing photos that have been taken during a swim.

(If you are on Insta, please reply to this email with your Insta handle & I will give you a follow. I’m @finesaratoga if you would like to give me a follow 😎)

Swim Secure have 2 waterproof phone cases which are ideal if you want to swim and snap away at the same time. The Swim Secure protective phone bag & the Swim Secure Multi Use Waterproof Bag.

The multi use waterproof bag has the added advantage of having been tested to IPX8 standards meaning it is suitable for continuous immersion in depths over one metre when used correctly.

These products are all fantastic at help keeping you safe and visible whilst you swim, but I really do want to tell you about what I personally think is Swim Secure’s biggest selling product. 

Yes, it has to be the Bobble Hat! Who doesn’t love a bobble hat? These are fleece lined and super cosy – I know – my customers are always so happy to tell me how pleased they are with theirs 😊


In 2 great colours – pink/ purple or red/white/blue these are perfect for swim or post swim and they really put a smile on peoples faces.

 Click here for our full Swim Secure range



January 16, 2022 — Sarah Wilkinson


Each week I will be featuring a product, showcasing all it's great features 🤩
This week the spotlight is on(drum roll!) the ...

Designed with surfers, kayaker and wild swimmers in mind for when getting changed out of wet gear, these oversized coats have now become must haves for when venturing outside and need to keep warm and dry.
January 14, 2022 — Sarah Wilkinson
Best Swimming Cap  For 2022?  Here's Expert Help Finding The Right One For You!

Best Swimming Cap For 2022? Here's Expert Help Finding The Right One For You!

A Very Happy New Year To You.

I hope that so far it has been enjoyable & is starting on a more positive note than 2021 

(that is if your start to 2021 was anything like mine – lockdown, Brexit, return to homeschooling…)

January is always a busy month for swim hats here at Fine Saratoga.

After indulging in a bit of festive excess, people are keen to get exercising again. Swimming has always been a popular choice which is available to most and can be enjoyed regardless of fitness ability.

I am frequently asked ‘which is the best swim hat for me?’ so I have put together a guide advising on which would be the best swimming hat for YOU.

January 07, 2022 — Sarah Wilkinson
Waterproof Phone Pouches

Waterproof Phone Pouches

💧If you're spending a lot of time in and around the water this Summer and still want to have your phone to hand, then these waterproof phone pouches will help keep it protected.
👍Plus they have the added bonus that you can still use your phone whilst it's in the pouch.
August 08, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson
Lots Of Weekend Swimming!

Lots Of Weekend Swimming!

The @oxfordshireswimbler and I seem to have had a busy week swimming🙈
How times change, although we did manage to put away something fizzy in between 🥂
🏊‍♀️Had a lovely swim in the Hamble on Friday night thanks to @washedupevents. A really great bunch and such a well organised swim.🤩 Thankfully the weather was on our side at last.🌤
⏰Then somehow we were up at the crack of dawn today and dived straight into a slightly choppy Solent.
July 31, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson
Taking To The Open Water This Summer?

Taking To The Open Water This Summer?

🌞If you've been enjoying or have been thinking about taking to the open water for a swim this Summer, here are a couple of products which will be especially useful for you. (although you won't need both at once! 🙈)
🏊‍♀️Swim buoy perfect for keeping you safe and visible while swimming in open water. The inflatable Tow Float is available in bright orange and pink to increase visibility to other water users.
July 31, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson
Out Of My Comfort Zone

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Out of my comfort zone! An early morning swim on the Hamble.
June 27, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson
Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

The sun has been shining & all the flowers are really starting to bloom. They look so glorious, I just wish I was better at identifying them, especially wild flowers!
May 29, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson
Our Lovely Flower Swimming Hats Are Now Back In Stock!

Our Lovely Flower Swimming Hats Are Now Back In Stock!

Our Lovely Flower Swimming Hats Are Now Back In Stock!

Be ready to get straight in the water with one of these stunners.

Our floral swim hats are such a great way for you to add some flair and show off your personal style whilst you swim.🌟

They are real conversation pieces and are fun for everyone around you too.😉

Refreshingly easy to put on and a flattering fit, you'll truly look amazing 💖

April 09, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson
Fashy Hot Water Bottles

Fashy Hot Water Bottles

If you’re feeling the chill, then a Fashy hot water bottle is the perfect solution to warm you up...

December 15, 2019 — Belle Digital Collaborator