Avoid wet hair and time spent drying

If you have long hair or thick hair, we know that getting your hair wet every shower or every swim can be time consuming and a bit of a drag!

Why not invest in a gorgeous shower cap? Keep your hair dry between washes – whilst being comfortable and stylish to wear. We love the bright colours and gorgeous spot designs by Fashy – what’s not to love? And don’t forget our free UK delivery too.

Something for when it is ‘hair wash day’

When hair wash day arrives, make sure you check out our range of gorgeous turbans – a quick and easy solution to wrapping your wet hair. No more complicated twists and tucks. No more wet towels coming undone.

Protect your hair when swimming

Whether you are at the local swimming baths or enjoying some much-needed R&R by the holiday swimming pool or down at the beach, protect your hair from the water, chlorine and sand with our large collection of women’s swimming hat . We have vintage-inspired swim turbans , retro swim caps with flowers , as well as traditional bubble and thermal styles too.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch .