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Swim Secure - Be Safe, Be Seen

have noticed an increasing amount of my customers are taking to the water outside, all around the country and I must say I really do admire your resilience.

I did start sea swimming in 2021, in the Solent. I managed to keep going until November but if I’m really honest it did start to get a bit too cold. (The last time I went I was barely able to get my thermal gloves off) So I have decided to take a break until March.

With the increasing popularity of open water swimming, Fine Saratoga received lots of enquiries about open water swimming products.  Essential kit like tow floats, dry bags, bobble hats

January 16, 2022 — Sarah Wilkinson
Taking To The Open Water This Summer? - Fine Saratoga Ltd

Taking To The Open Water This Summer?

🌞If you've been enjoying or have been thinking about taking to the open water for a swim this Summer, here are a couple of products which will be especially useful for you. (although you won't need both at once! 🙈)
🏊‍♀️Swim buoy perfect for keeping you safe and visible while swimming in open water. The inflatable Tow Float is available in bright orange and pink to increase visibility to other water users.
July 31, 2021 — Sarah Wilkinson