Soft and comfortable hair turbans for wet hair

If you have long hair, we know there’s nothing worse than having wet hair around your neck, face and shoulders. Quickly whip your hair up and into to one of our soft hair turbans to keep you warm and comfortable, following a swim or after washing your hair.

A great solution for hair washing day

How many times have you wrapped your hair in a towel, only for it to flop in to your face and fall to the floor? It’s so annoying – you twist, your tuck, you thrust…but still it doesn’t last.

With our uncomplicated, twist free hair turbans, make wet towels in your face a thing of the past. Keeping every last wet strand upon your head.

We also have a great solution for when there is no need to wash your hair or to get it wet. Perhaps you are looking forward to a long warm shower or luxurious bath, check out our selection of secure and waterproof shower caps.

Post swim chic

Hair turbans are also a fabulous investment if you love to swim! They are perfect for popping over your head to keep you warm and comfortable after a swimming pool session, an aqua aerobics class or a wild swim adventure. We also stock towels, swim shoes, ear plugs and nose clips – to complete your swimming kit needs.

If you prefer to keep your hair dry whilst you swim, make sure you explore our full selection of swimming caps too.